The MJur/BCL: Visiting “The Other Place”

On a recent journey through the east of the UK, we ended up driving to the middle of nowhere. Since we were quite hungry and sick of sitting in the car, we made a stop in this small town situated on the river “Cam”. What a mistake.

DSCF1594  DSCF1595

To start with, the weather was quite bad – something that, coming from Oxford, we were not really used to. Also, people were quite rude. Somehow emblematic of this is, they did not want us to walk on their, frankly spoken: not that green, grass.


Whereas this would be socially unacceptable in Oxford as well, we are usually not so blunt about it.


The place was strange in other ways: In general, there was a certain familiarity in the air. The kind of similarity you experience when you look at shoes that remind you of a really nice pair you once owned only to find out that the one at hand is merely a cheap copy.

Confirming this assumption: Not even the bridges (mathematician’s bridge) are for real.


We also found tons of fake art. The entire town seems to want to conjure the image of being really old.

DSCF1587 (1)

The houses seemed a bit wonky and the churches quite dull.

DSCF1581 DSCF1589

In a nutshell: There is no reason to come here. Visit Oxford instead!

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