The Oxford MJur/BCL: About


Welcome to this blog!

I’m a law graduate from Germany, and I have joined the Magister Juris (MJur) program at Oxford University. In Oxford, clocks still run at a different pace. This is why the Oxford law graduate programme is not called LLM but – for students with a common law background – BCL and – for students who come from civil law countries – MJur respectively. Also, Oxford University is organised in a collegiate system, meaning that students are members of one of the colleges or private halls as well as members of a department or faculty (e.g. the law faculty). This makes possible what I consider one of Oxford’s unique advantages: Even though you are studying towards a law degree, you will also meet lots of fellow students from different disciplines in your college.

This blog aims to provide insights from my year on the Oxford MJur programme for those interested in Oxford/Law/Graduate studies in general. It also aims to compile useful information for future MJur/BCL students (on diverse issues such as the local pub scene, social events etc.) by combining my own experiences with those of fellow students.

My blog is featured on LLM GUIDE, a global, online community for prospective graduate students, and a directory of programs offered worldwide.