The Oxford MJur/BCL: Oxford Coffee Shops

One thing I would like to do more often is to sit in coffee shops and read the newspaper. The fact that I only do this very rarely, though, is probably on account of my great roommates, who gave me the glorious AeroPress Coffee Maker for my birthday (only to be recommended, see Fortunately, I am writing a blog that gives me the opportunity to try out some of the local cafés for a blog post.

The Missing Bean

The Missing Bean is a chain of coffee shops in Oxford. One is even located inside the law faculty. While the latter is rather ugly, the one on Turl Street is very popular among students and actually offers a nice and relaxed atmosphere. However, as I am totally into filter coffee (and always have been, even before it became hip), I find their Americano way to lush. Everything else seems to be great though.

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The Quarter-Horse


This one is located in Cowley and is quite cozy. They have a wide variety of different coffees and their cake is just delicious. However, it can be crowded at times. So don’t even bother visiting on a Saturday afternoon. It is worth going though, since you can tell these guys just love coffee.

The Handle Bar (Formerly Zappi’s Cafe)

I ran in here by accident because I needed a coffee for my International Law seminar. A week after, someone wanted to sell it to me as a secret treasure. The coffee is good and the place itself is very special: It is located inside of a bike shop.


However, even on a regular week day, this place is really crowded:



Well, sorry for including this one, but I happen to like Starbucks coffee. Sometimes, their stores are nicely located, offer you superb views on whatever might be interesting and a cozy atmosphere. The (central) Oxford one not so much. It’s totally generic and likely to be crowded by tourists anyway.






The Oxford MJur/BCL: Blenheim Palace and Woodstock

Not too far from the City of Oxford is Blenheim Palace. Built in 1722 in the „English Baroque“ style, it is named after the German river of „Blindheim“ and was given to John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough as a reward for winning the likenamed „Battle of Blenheim“ against the French and Bavarians. Fans of the TV show „Downton Abbey“ will definitely find themselves at home here (the real “Highclere Castle“, however, being located in Hampshire).



What’s more, Blenheim Palace is the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill (the First Duke being one of his ancestors). It is quite hard to imagine this adventurer, gentleman and larger-than-life politician growing up in such a calm, beautiful and wide place. Even today, the estate is owned by the Spencer-Churchill family.

Tickets are between 15 and 25 pounds, so make sure you have plenty of time to spend at the premises. Discover the (both French and English) gardens and the estate itself. There are also several exhibitions to visit – obviously one about Winston Churchill for instance.



Next to Blenheim Palace lies the sleepy town of Woodstock which is definitely worth a visit. I would suggest having dinner or at least a beer here before you come back to Oxford.



From and back to Oxford you can easily take a bus from/to Blenheim Palace (Gloucester Green Station to Woodstock).