The Oxford MJur/BCL: Term Ends – Looking Back

The first term (Michaelmas) has now come to an end. That means one third of the programme is already over. Needless to say, time went by quickly. Also, the weather was surprisingly good for the last three months.


Looking back, I totally underestimated the workload and ended up working more than I initially planned doing readings and preparing for seminars and tutorials, especially during the last weeks of the term.

Speaking of which, I have now completed three tutorials. In these, you discuss particular topics in small groups of three to four students in the professor’s office. It is expected that you prepare for tutorials by writing and handing in papers (four pages, double spaced). Obviously, a lot of work goes along with this. Nevertheless, I am confident I have taken away a lot from them. And although I was very nervous before the actual tutorials, all three turned out to be fine in the end. Rathing than grilling you on specific issues, professors try to get a discussion going and involve all students. Nerd that you probably are (to a certain extent that seems to be a requirement to be accepted in the first place), you might even find joy in a friendly talk about mandatory disclosure rules in IPO scenarios.


A tutorial situation might look like this (Photograph: Dan Waite,

I am pumped for the next term (Hilary). I have met a number of great people that I am looking forward to seeing again (for instance my wonderful housemate Emily, who needs to be mentioned here due to her formidable task of correcting my terrible writing). However, it appears that things will get even more intense. A fourth course will be added to my schedule. As I continue rowing, my mornings are about to become even earlier. Also, I want to finally visit all of the great coffee shops that are spread over the city! But firstly I’ll enjoy my remaining two weeks of Christmas holidays.